VK Medi neutralises pathogens in large areas up to 165m2

Low running costs • Simple installation & maintenance • Free standing

VK Medi is ideal for complete negative pressure sterilisation. Negative pressure is required when the priority is to ensure contaminants from one room do not escape to another. Therefore, VK Medi Negative Pressure Sterilisation is often used in Quarantine, Containment, and Infection Control rooms.

VK Medi is best for

Critical environments where keeping rooms clean and sterile is a vital process

The VK Medi is a unique product. It also houses the thickest HEPA filter for ultimate sterilization, a powerful fan for optimum air circulation, and the highest certified air sterilization technology in the world for unparalleled test results against viruses, bacteria, toxic gases and VOC’s.

The VK Medi has been specially designed for medical installations such as Hospital Wards, Intensive Care Units, Critical Care Rooms, Quarantine or Containment Rooms.

So, the option to create positive pressure makes this unit ideal for complying with even the most stringent medical air quality regulations.

Process for complete air sterilisation

“Viruskiller achieves 99.9999% kill rate”

As air passes through the VK Medi, it goes through a 2-stage process to achieve the best results, purification and sterilisation.

The pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter take care of larger particles like dust, pollen,smoke and some VOC’s, this is where most “air purifiers” end.

Mechanical filters are limited to what they can trap and what gets through the filters in Radic8 systems is then dealt with in the reactor chamber, this includes viruses.

The patented sterilisation chamber uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation and is designed in such a way that maximises ultraviolet radiation and oxidation to give unparalleled results.

Uniquely, the Radic8 technology is designed to trap dirty air, kill sick air and neutralise toxic air.

VirusKiller Eliminates the following AIR Borne Pollutants

The Radic8 technology has been recognized with international standard certifications.

There are numerous patents associated with the Viruskiller reactor chamber, our core technology.

Our technology has also been certified Ozone Free.

VK Medi Tech Specs

Coverage 165 m2 (1776 ft2)
Unit Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Box Weight 44 kg (97 lbs)
Dimensions (mm) 1590 x 400 x 510
Noise 41 – 50 dB
Airflow 300 – 635 CFM
UVC Lamps 8 (Double Strength)
Titanium Dioxide Hexagon Filters ~70 (Extra Large)
Reactor Cell Lifespan 8,000 hours
HEPA Filter Lifespan 6,000 hours
Activated Carbon Filter Lifespan 6,000 hours
Pre-filter Washable (clean weekly)
Max Electricity 280 W
Installation Free Standing
Customisation Advertising wraps available
Optional Extras Negative Pressure Reducer
Accessories Remote control
Warranty 1 year
Unit Life Span 10 years
Unit Colours White or Black
Power cord length 1.2 m (4″)
Plug Type Option Select based on country

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