Hair, Beauty and Nail Salons

We go to the salon to feel good, but air quality issues can ruin the experience and even pose a danger to technicians and their clients.

Hair and beauty treatments require a wide range of chemicals, and breathing these in can cause headaches and asthma attacks. Radic8 clears the air, removing harmful vapours and dust, destroying any toxic chemicals or gas and creating a healthy, germ free environment for your staff and clients to feel good.

The Ugly Side to Poor Air Quality:

Hair, beauty and nail salons are high on the list of market sectors in need of clean air technology. Hair and beauty products contain dangerous chemicals that are released into the air with every treatment. Hair dyes and bleach contain persulfates and ammonia, both can prompt asthma attacks. Fake tans use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that can cause cancer and worsen asthma if breathed in regularly. Nail care products contain a lethal cocktail of chemicals that can cause breathing problems and permanent lung damage comparable to a smoking habit over time. Shockingly, a report by the California EPA found links between long-term exposure of some chemicals found in commonly used nail care products to cancer and birth defects. The health of hair and beauty technicians can suffer over long-term exposure to these dangerous chemicals. Keeping the air clean protects them, improves staff retention and reduces sick days.In addition to chemicals, there are a lot of other factors that combine to create an unhealthy environment in salons.

We are not usually safe from the premature aging effects of traffic pollution indoors, but Radic8 technology effectively removes all trace, creating a haven for clients. Filing artificial nails releases a cloud of fine dust that stays in the air for hours and can cause respiratory problems. The powerful fans and thick HEPA filters in our units quickly and effectively remove these. Not wanting to miss an appointment, clients will visit with coughs and colds, and these can quickly spread to staff causing sick days and cancelled appointments. Our units remove 99.9999% of all types of viruses and bacteria, so you can help keep your staff and clients stay healthy.

The Viruskiller range of air sterilisation and purification technology is proven to remove air contaminants and protect your clients and technicians. There is a model to suit every size of room, and they can be adapted to fit with existing ventilation and clean-room technology.

The additional benefits to providing clean air are numerous, from reducing staff absenteeism and increasing productivity, to attracting new business with our positive advertising. With the air smelling clean and feeling fresh, clients can relax knowing they are in safe hands.

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