Public Buildings

The buildings that house our post offices, courthouses, government agencies, libraries, churches, and other civic institutions are often impressive but uninviting. They can be so much more to the communities they serve: places that support everyday public life, places that bridge cultural and economic divides, and places of both protest and celebration.

Radic8 clears the air, removing harmful vapours and dust, destroying any toxic chemicals or gas and creating a healthy, germ free environment for everyone and they feel good.

The Ugly Side to Poor Air Quality:

Air pollution in hospitality venues comes from a wide range of sources and can negatively impact the guest experience. Extractor fans and air conditioning units can deal with some air quality problems, but to meet and surpass air quality guidelines you also need to install effective air purification and sterilisation. Radic8 have developed a world-leading range of products to help combat air pollution in a wide range of hospitality settings.

We are not usually safe from the premature aging effects of traffic pollution indoors, but Radic8 technology effectively removes all trace, creating a haven for everyone. Filing artificial nails releases a cloud of fine dust that stays in the air for hours and can cause respiratory problems. The powerful fans and thick HEPA filters in our units quickly and effectively remove these. Our units remove 99.9999% of all types of viruses and bacteria, so you can help keep your staff and clients stay healthy.

The additional benefits to providing clean air are numerous, from reducing staff absenteeism and increasing productivity, to attracting new business with our positive advertising. With the air smelling clean and feeling fresh, clients can relax knowing they are in safe hands.

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