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Price Rs. 29,999
GST (18%) Rs. 5,400
Shipping Rs. 601
Total Rs. 36,000

Hextio is best for

Domestic settings and small rooms to efficiently purify indoor air by getting rid of harmful pollutants

The Hextio is the best compact and portable air steriliser for home on the market, thanks to its powerful fan and advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology.

Hextio has been proven and tested to:

  • Remove 99.9999% of all respiratory viruses and bacteria
  • Eliminate high levels of pollution from indoor air
  • Effectively remove noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander and other allergens

Hextio neutralises pathogens in small areas up to 20m2

Low running costs • Simple installation & maintenance • Wall-hung or free standing

Hextio brings cutting edge air cleaning technology from the high-end medical world to your home, in a small and affordable package.

The Hextio is perfect for small rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, small offices, on-the-go, public transport, private vehicles, elderly homes, childcare spaces, and play areas.

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